New laws for child custody and access arrangements

The Children and Families Act 2014 has established new laws and guidance to help decide where children should live or spend time if their parents have separated and are going through divorce. Here are the key points >> The new Children and Families Act 2014 wraps up arrangements for residence ...

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Divorce minus the Court

Arbitration is a faster, more flexible alternative to the Divorce Court – and it’s one that could save you thousands of pounds. Separating couples work with a specially trained Lawyer who is authorised to arbitrate on financial and property matters (if you need to reach a legal agreement about children ...

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Nailing down agreements on divorce

A Supreme Court ruling will allow a former wife to make a claim for a share of the fortune amassed by her husband 30 years after they parted, as no binding consent order was made when they divorced. Kathleen Wyatt has been granted permission to lodge a belated claim against ...

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Elves: Too old for Christmas?

It’s a sad scenario, but unfortunately, one of Santa’s eldest elves is getting on a bit. He’s now struggling to carry presents around the workshop and he just isn’t as quick as the rest of his colleagues when it comes to building toys, wrapping them and packing them on to ...

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Uncovering hidden medical mistakes

When staff make medical mistakes the Trust or hospital concerned must tell an agency known as the NHS’s National Reporting and Learning System. However, it is thought that as many as one-fifth of all hospital trusts were under-recording mistakes, so where does this leave potential victims? >> A recent survey ...

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