Things to think about when buying a home

Buying and selling homes is well-regulated in this country and you should be well-protected if you use a competent Solicitor. You do however have one advantage over your Solicitor. You have visited the property and have seen it with your own eyes. This can be a very useful addition to ...

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Importance of making a Will

It is sadly a common myth that when someone dies without making a Will, it does not matter as the next of kin will get it anyway. In particular partners who have been together long term but not married will find out the hard way that on the death of ...

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Don’t fall foul of the Jackson Reforms

In 2013 the civil courts underwent a substantial change, known as the Jackson Reforms. The Reforms reflect a change in court attitudes and especially their desire to settle civil disputes more efficiently, to the benefit of the parties and the public purse. The courts insist that cases be dealt with ...

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Whether or not a tenant has breached their repair covenant is one of the more common bones of contention between landlords and tenants. Typically this occurs at the expiry of the lease, when the landlord’s priority is to sell or re-let the property as quickly as possible; or as the ...

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Alternative Dispute Resolution: Avoiding Courtroom Battles

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) encompasses a range of methods for settling disputes without the need for the parties to go to court. These include negotiation, mediation and arbitration. Courts are increasingly insisting that parties should attempt ADR first or risk being penalised later on. ADR can be a quicker, cheaper, ...

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