Dig out those old Judgments!

Did you know that judgments do not 'run out'? I recently enforced a Judgment that was 8 years old on behalf of a client and I thought you may find the following helpful. I have come across a lot of debtors, and creditors for that matter, who think that if ...

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5 reasons you are not getting paid

We know that cash flow is a big problem for small businesses. Sometimes, late payment can be for a genuine reason but don’t fall foul of the following delaying tactics: 1)The sob story We’ve all been given a sob story at one time or another but rarely do businesses come ...

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A brief guide to Alternative Dispute Resolution

Courts now actively encourage parties to consider ‘ADR’ as a means to settle their differences without having to resort to potentially costly and time-consuming court proceedings. Here is a brief guide. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) takes several forms, the following being the most common: MEDIATION: a neutral third party helps ...

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Seizing goods as payment for a debt: The key points

If you have obtained a Court Judgement and the debtor still refuses to pay you can apply to have their goods seized. Simply telling the debtor that a warrant of control (County Court) or writ of control (High Court) has been issued is often enough to make a debtor settle, ...

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Will chasing a payment lose you the customer?

One of the biggest questions for businesses is will taking action on late payments lose them customers? Usually this is very unlikely, although much depends on the circumstances why the customer is paying late and how you have approached things from the start. Here are a few things to consider… ...

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Who’s going to pay your bills?

One of the first questions we ask clients when discussing a debt is who is legally responsible for paying the bill. This could be a company, a public authority, a partnership or firm, a sole trader, or individual and their name must appear accurately on your paperwork. This may seem ...

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Can a debtor go to prison for not paying a debt?

No - but yes! Once Judgment has been obtained against a debtor, one way to find out a debtor’s financial circumstances is to make an application to the Court for an Order for a debtor to attend Court for questioning. A hearing is set down by the Court telling the ...

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