Rebuilding your life after a personal injury

A serious injury can bring a whole series of problems with it, financial and otherwise, that simply applying for compensation will not solve. In the split second an injury takes, life can radically change… Suddenly you are unable to work. Managing stairs at home might become impossible. Your ability to ...

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A short guide to personal injury claims

If you are injured and it is someone else’s fault, you may be able to bring a claim against them for personal injury. To be successful you must prove that they were ‘negligent’. Establishing negligence may be simple in some cases, such as where someone fails to stop for you ...

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When breast implants go wrong

The PIP breast implant litigation made national headlines and we were one of the Law firms involved in bringing claims against the practitioners, distributors and credit providers involved. It was a worrying, difficult and in some cases devastating time for the women we acted for and showed exactly why excellent ...

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Was your child injured at birth?

Birth injuries such as those leading to Cerebral Palsy can rob a child of a lifetime of opportunities and invariably parents want to know what went wrong and why. Many injuries are, sadly, unavoidable, but if you suspect that clinical or medical negligence played a part, there are steps you ...

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Claiming when someone has died

If you believe someone close to you or whom you represent has died due to clinical negligence you can bring a claim for compensation in certain circumstances. As with any claim, you have to show that there was a failure of care on the part of the provider, that this ...

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Pursuing a personal injury claim for a child

Anybody under the age of 18 needs a ‘litigation friend’ to go to Court on their behalf. This is often their mother or father, although it does not have to be. To act as a litigation friend you must: Be able to complete matters fairly on behalf of the child. ...

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A guide to disclosure

Parties involved in litigation must make available all evidence relevant to the proceedings and are under a duty to disclose all documents that either supports or adversely affects their own case or the other party’s case. Your obligation to disclose lasts until the conclusion of the case so it is ...

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