Case Studies


Advising band on achieving the best music contract

Our client was a hotly tipped band from Brighton who had been approached by a record label and a music publishing company. We were able to advise the band on achieving the best deal, ensuring that the maximum advance was obtained whilst still safeguarding their control over the exploitation of ...

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Draft a set of Terms and Conditions of Business

This creative design agency client asked us to draft a set of Terms and Conditions of Business that would clearly set out the basis on which they would provide their services to their customers. We advised the client on acceptable payment terms, limiting their liability, assignment of intellectual property rights ...

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Drafted of Joint Venture Agreement

Our client wanted to enter into a joint venture with another television production company in order to produce and sell a new documentary series. We drafted a Joint Venture Agreement - ensuring that the roles of each party were clearly defined, the financial contributions of each party were set out ...

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Obtaining Charging Order and an Order for Sale

Our client, a building company, had built an extension to the property of a Defendant who subsequently refused to pay for it. The company had issued proceedings and obtained Judgment for over £70,000 against the Defendant, who was a private individual.

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Portsmouth Football Club

After 16 months of commitment and hard work, legal firm Verisona celebrated its success in providing the business support, legal representation and financial management needed by ‘Portsmouth Community Football Club’ (“PCFC”) a consortium including ‘Pompey Supporters Trust’, in order to take ownership of Portsmouth Football Club. At the end of ...

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