Social Services Abuse & Neglect Claims

We deal with compensation claims against social services for those who have been let down or treated badly whilst under the care or supervision of social services, even if this occurred a long time ago. Social services claims sometimes arise due to poor funding and significant understaffing resulting in systematic errors. Nevertheless, social services have a duty to protect vulnerable children and their negligence can result in devastating consequences. A claim can be pursued if you have been removed from the care of your parents and placed in an abusive environment or if social services failed to intervene and take you into their care to protect you. Social services may have also failed to make adequate assessments in relation to your needs after being taken into care, and may have made care decisions which exposed you to further harm.

We would need to consider the impact of any failures by social services and how this has affected you, which usually includes looking at whether you are entitled to compensation relating to psychological injury. We are here to listen and work with you to find answers and make sure your experience does not go unheard. We will meet with you free of charge, without obligation and in total confidence.

Remember, many cases are settled out of court, your identity can be protected and you will have a friendly, experienced legal team on your side.

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