Is Law By Mike A Real Lawyer? Unveiling the Truth

Navigating online legal advice can often feel like traversing a labyrinth—confusing and uncertain. Among the myriad of voices offering legal guidance, “Law by Mike” stands out, promising to demystify complex legal issues and provide accessible, reliable advice. This brings us to a pivotal question that many potential users and curious onlookers might ask: Is Law by Mike an honest lawyer? 

In this blog, we will explore the credentials and authenticity of Mike Mandell, the energetic and insightful mind behind “Law by Mike.” By delving into his professional background, the nature of the services provided, and the impact of his work, we aim to uncover the truth behind his qualifications and the trustworthiness of his popular platform. Let’s embark on this journey to separate fact from fiction, ensuring you can confidently turn to “Law by Mike” for your legal queries.

Is Law By Mike A Real Lawyer?

Yes, Law by Mike is an actual lawyer. Mike Mandell, the person behind the popular social media and YouTube persona “Law by Mike,” is a licensed attorney. He uses his online platforms to provide legal tips, advice, and information in an accessible and engaging manner, helping to educate the public on various legal topics.

Who is Mike?

Mike Mandell, the dynamic force behind “Law by Mike,” stands out for his engaging online presence and substantial legal credentials. 

With a Juris Doctor from a reputable and accredited law school, Mike’s journey into the legal domain is built on a solid educational foundation. His academic achievements are complemented by rigorous legal training, which gave him a deep understanding of various aspects of the law.

Before launching his innovative online platform, Mike actively practiced law, working in diverse legal environments ranging from private law firms to public legal institutions. 

This hands-on experience allowed him to hone his skills in litigation, legal analysis, and client counseling, equipping him with the practical knowledge necessary to navigate the complexities of the legal system.

Background And Education Of Michael Mandell

Michael Mandell, the dynamic attorney behind the famous “Law by Mike” brand, has a solid educational foundation that complements his legal expertise. His academic journey began at the University of Southern California (USC) School of Communications, where he graduated in 2009. At USC, Mike honed his communication skills, which later became a cornerstone of his approach to making legal concepts accessible to the public through social media.

After graduating from USC, Mike pursued his passion for law at Duke University School of Law, one of the nation’s prestigious legal institutions. He graduated from Duke in 2012, equipped with a robust legal education and a readiness to tackle the complexities of the legal world. His time at Duke gave him a thorough understanding of the law and refined his analytical and critical thinking skills, evident in his concise and informative legal videos and interactions.

Mike’s educational background in both communications and law is pivotal to his success. It has enabled him to effectively bridge the gap between complex legal jargon and the everyday language understood by his diverse audience. This unique blend of skills has made “Law by Mike” a relatable and trusted legal resource on social media.

What is “Law by Mike”?

“Law by Mike” is a pioneering online platform that revolutionizes how legal advice is disseminated to the general public. Founded by Mike Mandell, a licensed attorney passionate about legal education, this platform strives to demystify the law and make it more approachable for everyone. Unlike traditional law offices, “Law by Mike” leverages the power of digital media to reach a broader audience.

The platform’s core offerings include a vast array of free informational content that tackles common legal questions and scenarios that everyday people might face. From understanding tenant rights to navigating personal injury claims, Mike breaks down complex legal terms and processes into easily digestible content. This content is primarily delivered through engaging videos that are frequently shared across social media channels, making legal knowledge not just accessible but also engaging.

In addition to free resources, “Law by Mike” offers personalized legal services. Individuals can receive tailored legal advice about their unique circumstances through direct consultations. This hybrid model ensures that while general information is freely available, more specific legal needs are addressed confidentially and professionally.

The platform is known for its interactive components, such as Q&A sessions and live streams, where Mike directly engages with his audience to answer legal questions in real-time. This interactive approach enhances user engagement and builds a community around the platform, fostering a space where legal assistance is just a click away.

Overall, “Law by Mike” is a versatile and user-friendly resource for legal information, transforming traditional legal consultation into a modern, interactive, and accessible experience.

Legal Advocacy and Services Offered by Michael Mandell (“Law by Mike”)

Michael Mandell, known widely through his social media persona “Law by Mike,” has distinguished himself as a savvy communicator and a committed legal advocate. His legal practice covers a range of critical areas, including Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, and Sexual Assault cases. Mike is deeply dedicated to securing justice for his clients in each field, often navigating complex legal challenges to ensure they receive the compensation and support they need.

1. Personal Injury Representation: Michael Mandell is a staunch advocate for victims of accidents and negligence. He provides vigorous legal representation to secure fair compensation for injuries and associated losses, helping clients navigate the complexities of personal injury law.

2. Criminal Defense Services: Committed to upholding the rights of the accused, Mike represents clients in criminal defense cases. He ensures that his clients receive a robust defense, focusing on fair treatment and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

3. Sexual Assault Cases: Mike takes on cases of sexual assault with sensitivity and diligence, advocating for justice and support for survivors. He works tirelessly to ensure their voices are heard and respected throughout the legal process.

4. Nationwide Network of Attorneys: Mike empowers his clients by utilizing a broad network of attorneys across the United States. This network enables him to connect clients with specialized legal expertise, regardless of their geographical location.

5. Client Empowerment: Through his advocacy, Mike empowers clients by making legal services accessible and understandable. He demystifies legal procedures and rights, ensuring clients are well-informed and confident in their legal pursuits.

6. Young, Internet-Savvy Audience: Mike has carved a niche in connecting with a younger, internet-savvy audience. He uses platforms like TikTok and YouTube to break down legal concepts into engaging, easy-to-understand content, thereby educating and attracting a millennial and Gen Z demographic.

7. Social Media Advocacy: Through social media, Mike has revolutionized traditional legal advice, offering quick, digestible tips and guidance that reach a global audience instantly. This approach educates and builds a community around shared experiences and legal challenges.

8. Dedication to Helping People: Mike’s unwavering dedication to helping people is at the heart of his practice. Whether providing free legal information online or representing clients in court, his primary goal is to offer support and access to justice for those who need it most. This commitment has established him as a trusted figure in the legal community and beyond.


In conclusion, the query “Is Law by Mike, a real lawyer?” can be confidently answered with a resounding yes. Mike Mandell, the driving force behind the platform, holds authentic legal qualifications, including a Juris Doctor degree from an accredited law school and a valid license to practice law. 

His innovative approach to legal education through “Law by Mike” combines his expertise and passion for the law, making legal knowledge accessible and engaging for all. The platform breaks down complex legal principles into understandable content and offers personalized legal services tailored to individual needs. 

Whether seeking general legal information or specific advice, Mike’s credentials and commitment to transparency make “Law by Mike” a trustworthy and invaluable resource. Thus, users can confidently rely on his guidance, knowing they receive advice from a genuine legal professional.


What qualifications does Mike have to offer legal advice?

Mike Mandell is a licensed attorney with a Juris Doctor degree from an accredited law school. He is in good standing with his state bar association, which qualifies him to offer legal advice and services.

How can I verify Mike’s credentials?

You can verify Mike’s legal credentials by checking with the state bar association’s official website, where his bar membership and status are listed. This ensures transparency and trustworthiness in his qualifications.

What types of legal issues does “Law by Mike” cover?

“Law by Mike” covers various legal topics, including personal injury, family law, criminal defense, and consumer rights. The platform provides educational content and personal consultations tailored to these areas.

Can “Law by Mike” replace a traditional lawyer?

While “Law by Mike” is an excellent resource for legal information and initial consultations, complex legal issues or cases that require court representation may still need the services of a traditional, in-person lawyer.

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